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Wool 100%

Genre: Foreign/Fantasy
Director: Mai Tominaga
Country: Japan
Cast: Kyoko Kishida, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Ayu Kitaura

A pair of elderly junk collectors find their lives turned upside-down when their latest procurement brings them into contact with an obsessive young knitter in the hallucinogenic feature debut of prominent short filmmaker Mai Tominaga.

"If Tim Burton were to go to Japan to make a movie about two elderly sisters living in a house filled from floor to ceiling with junk, and a girl who invades their lives and spends day and night knitting a red sweater, it would, I imagine, be something like Wool 100%. An odd and highly original film that should charm teenagers and adults." -- The New York Post

"Wild yet gentle, the fantasy film Wool 100% is a playful contraption illustrating the kinship between movies, fairy tales and dreams. The film's spectacularly jumbled sets evoke the films of Pierre Jeunet (Amélie) and Terry Gilliam (particularly Robin Williams's cellar headquarters in The Fisher King)" -- The New York Times

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