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Vlado: 30 Years Later

Genre: Documentary/Foreign
Director: Joao Batista de Andrade
Country: Brazil

The documentary tells the story of journalist Vladimir Herzog, nicknamed Vlado, who was tortured and murdered during the repression years of Brazilian military dictatorship.

The journalist Vladimir Herzog, known as Vlado, in October 25, 1975 is called to present himself at a police station in Sao Paulo. The political regime, a dictatorship, had taken many as political prisoners and many were artists and journalists. Vlado with the firm belief he had nothing to hide goes to the DOI-CODI police station. A few hours after arriving at the police station the news of his death becomes public and announced as suicide.

Director Joao Batista now attempts to register on camera the events that took place at the time. The testimonies of many such as archbishops, journalists, artists, writers and Vlado's widow Clarice Herzog provide an insight of the dictatorship in Brazil.

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