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The Man You Had In Mind

Genre: Gay/Lesbian
Director: James Tuchschmidt
Country: U.S.

The story typically goes: you fall head over heals in love, have lots of sex, make a commitment, move in together, start sharing your dreams and goals, buy a house, maybe raise a child or two, care for each other when times are tough and eventually grow old together. This is the American dream and what most of us strive for - to share our lives with someone special.

The documentary explores the intimate lives of five gay male couples; the forces that bring them together, the journeys they face, and the culture in which they survive and thrive. Each of the couples have been selected because they embody the unique characteristics of a distinct period along a continuum in the life of a gay couple and have interesting stories to tell. Ben & Tyler, one year; Frank & Lee, seven years; Bill & David, 10 years; Todd & Bill, 15 years; Eric & Eugene, 51 years.

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