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A Tale Of Sorrow

Genre: Drama/Cult
Director: Seijun Suzuki
Country: Japan
Cast: Kyoko Enami, Yoshio Harada, Masumi Okada, Shuji Sano, Yoko Shiraki

First time seen in the U.S.! A "lost" classic from legendary cult film director Seijun Suzuki ("Tokyo Drifter," "Branded to Kill")

Professional model Reiko (Shiraki) has been groomed to the higher ranks of the golf circuit by the editor of a golfing fashion magazine. Her victory during her first professional competition wins her the approval not only of her side-burned, shade-wearing mentor, but a whole new television audience, where she makes regular appearances clad in a bikini and wielding a 9-iron. Everybody wants a piece of Reiko, including neighbor-from-hell, Mrs Semba, who begins stalking her.

One evening while practicing her putting, Mrs. Semba confronts and blackmails her. With her career seriously threatened, Reiko has no choice but to concur. However, the blackmailer is soon abusing her power, sheering off Reiko's hair, and throwing drunken parties. Soon Reiko finds herself succumbing more and more to Semba's violent fantasies.

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