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My Way: A Gangster's Saga

Genre: Drama/Thriller
Director: Jose Antonio Salgot
Country: Spain
Cast: Ariel Casas, Silvia Marso, Susana Fawaz

The first feature by Spanish director J. A. Salgot, MY WAY is a searing emotional crime drama set in Barcelona. Marc is a small-time hustler on the run from the mob after a drug deal goes awry. Marc is also simultaneously navigating strained relationships with his wife, his disaffected daughter and his estranged father, whose affliction with Alzheimers hampers Marcs ability to deal with the long muted pain between them. The story unfolds as Marcs painful struggle for love and redemption runs headlong into the limited choices he has to save his life. MY WAY is a ferocious film, painting a fearlessly bleak moral and physical landscape drained of color, but counterpointed by a propulsive narrative and dynamic visual style.

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