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Jupiter Love

Genre: Action/Thriller
Directors: Michael Andre, Nikka Kalashnikova
Country: Australia
Cast: Michael Andre, Nikka Kalashnikova

Part crazed road film, part acidic commentary on the power struggle of the sexes, Jupiter Love is a turbo-charged film that grips the viewers with its twists of sexual psychopathology. A digital artist drives interstate to her first solo exhibit. On the open road a lone male driver pulls up along side and start videotaping her. The film eschews expectation as she sexually teases & taunts him. Crazed and enraged he repeatedly rams her car and she reacts by laughing. What follows is an allegorical decent to the raw nerve of male sexual-psychosis. As his obsession deepens, follows by stalking, fits of rage, and paranoid monologue, his increasing futile attempts to overpower her only reveal to us who has the control and own the power. With cruelty and contempt, she is a key player and orchestrator of the unfolding drama.

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