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Heartbreak Yakuza

Genre: Action/Thriller
Director: Masato Harada
Country: Japan
Cast: Hiromi Go, Mariko Iishihashi, Kazuya Kimura, Koichi Sato

First time ever available in the U.S.! An exciting thriller from director Masato Harada (Gunhed, Inugami, Kamikaze Taxi).

Shuji is a good-looking lad, one of the up-and-coming assassins for the Daito mob of the yakuza, Japan's answer to the mafia. Despite his pretense of toughness, he frequently has overwhelming longings to return to his childhood and the innocent games he played then with his best friend's younger sister. When he is sent to assassinate the members of a rival gang, childhood memories lead him to permit one of the men to live. Rather than being grateful, the survivor of the killings plots his revenge despite the fact that the two gangs are now merging into one operation.

Meanwhile, Shuji has run across his childhood sweetheart, and the two of them realize that they share a similar view that their childhood was a special, golden time to be cherished. She is not a member of the gangs, and through her inspiring presence, Shuji attempts to reform himself, though he must kill a lot of people in order to win that chance.

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