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Chinese Film Classics: Romance Of The Western Chamber

Director: Hou Yao
Original Music Score: Toshiyuki Hiraoka

Based on Wang Shifu's (Yuan Dynasty, 1234-1368) famous play of the same name, The Romance of the Western Chamber tells the story of a young scholar Zhang Sheng who goes to the capital city to take the highest imperial examination. During his stay in a temple, he meets Cui Yingying, daughter of the Prime Minister and immediately falls in love with her.

Soon, a group of robbers besiege them. Yingying's mother declares that she will marry off her daughter to whoever saves them. Zhang Sheng manages to do that with his friend's help. But Yingying's mother refuses to keep her words because Zhang is a poor scholar. However, Yingying and Zhang Sheng's love is so strong that, with the help of Hong Niang, Yingying's maid, the couple breaks the traditional barrier.

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