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Chinese Film Classics: Empress Wu Zeitan / Dream Of The Red Chamber

Director: Bu Wangcang (Empress Wu Zeitan), Peilin Fang (Dream Of The Red Chamber)
DVD Release Date: February 5

EMPRESS WU ZETIAN: Empress Wu rose to power after the decline of the Tang Dynasty and ruled at a time when women were still shackled by tradition and a patriarchal social structure. From 605 to 750 A.D., she founded the Zhou Dynasty. This film traces her reentry into the Imperial Palace as a favored concubine, her rise to power and her dalliances with her lovers, the Zhang brothers, who later conspire to remove her from the throne.

DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER: Considered one of the greatest novels ever written, as well as the definitive classic Chinese novel, this is one of the earliest filmed versions. In this Chinese costume epic, set during the 1700s in China, a prominent family loses its good luck when one of the sons loses the jade chip that was embedded in his mouth. Their luck returns when the chip is found. Unfortunately the lad brings ruination upon the family when he marries against his father's will.

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