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Chinese Film Classics: An Orphan On The Streets / The Watch

Directors: Zhao Ming and Yan Gong (An Orphan On The Streets), Zuo Lin (The Watch)

AN ORPHAN ON THE STREETS: Three Hairs was the name of a popular comic character, a street urchin with a bald head save for three thin stalks sticking straight up towards the sky. After a night on the streets, Three Hairs looks for work wherever he can get it; he polishes shoes, picks garbage and even sells newspapers, but finally decides to give up. He puts a "For Sale" sign on his back and goes looking for a buyer. The war had left literally millions of homeless children in China, and Three Hair's misadventures in the comics were widely read as a rebuke to government for their neglect of this problem.

THE WATCH: Based on a story by famed Chinese author Lu Xun, and adapted from the works of Russian writer Panteleev.

Following the death of his sister, homeless country boy Calf lives on the streets of Shanghai with his friends Big Cat and Little Mouse. One day, he steals an expensive  watch from an elderly street vendor, a theft which leads to a physical confrontation with his friends and his subsequent arrest.  Sent to a "children's education center," he is caught with the stolen watch by a corrupt administrator, who blackmails him into helping him steal the center's lumber. It's up to his teacher, Mr. Lei, to steer the child onto the right path and teach him a lesson in truth and loyalty.

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