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Bruce Lee: The Early Years - The Kid

Genre: Foreign/Comedy
Director: Fung Fung
Country: Hong Kong
Cast: Bruce Lee, Yee Chau-Shiu, Lee Hoi-Cheun

Based upon the comic strip "Kiddy Cheung," THE KID stars a 10-year old BRUCE LEE playing an orphaned child selling comics in from a stall in the slums to survive. When the local gangs move in, it's up to 'Bruce' to keep the streets clean.

For fans of Martial Arts Classics, this early film (1950) starring the one and only BRUCE LEE is an absolute MUST HAVE.

"A great example of early Cantonese cinema, a showcase of a little boy who grows up to become a huge star, THE KID is a movie not to be missed... Bruce Lee, at 10, is readily identifiable; when he pretends to be a teacher to make the other kids laugh, he juts out his lower jaw in exactly the way he would do in his films 20 years later to intimidate his opponents. While obviously still a kid and prone to overacting (come to think of it, the latter might be a trait he never quite got rid of), he is an entertaining figure. His real-life father, Lee Hoi-Cheun, plays the rich tightwad Hung." -- The Illuminated Lantern (Click here to read the full review).

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