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Amateur Porn Star Killer 2

Genre: Midnight/Cult
Director: Shane Ryan
Country: U.S.
Cast: Kai Lanette, Shane Ryan

Shane Ryan's sequel to the disturbing Amateur Porn Star Killer is a brutal calling card to all those who were enraged by its predecessor (and there were many). Ryan is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s not letting up any time soon.

The victim here isn't a young girl. This one doesn't just go quietly, either. She fights back. She knows she's in trouble, but she mistakenly thinks she can get away. In other movies, she would escape and somber music would play as the credits creep up the screen. The audience would leave the theatre satisfied that the bad guy got what he deserved. They would go home feeling safe. Ryan doesn't let anyone have such notions. He shows things as they really are. This is what a killer would film. This is how it would look, and if you didn't know any better, you'd swear it was real. (And you still can't be totally sure it's not.)

Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 is not a rehash of the first film. It's a continuation, the next step in Ryan's world of raw horror. It has transcended the label of exploitation cinema and now has its feet firmly planted in the wet ground of artistic snuff. Bothered yet? In a little over an hour you will be, and you’ll hate Ryan for it.

Ryan, with the first APSK, eradicated the boundaries of acceptable cinema. With this film he's taken over the territory, and it's doubtful any other director has the guts or skills to snatch the kingdom away from him.

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